Communal Spirit in African Societies Event Poster

In this lecture Prof. Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo will be exploring and answering questions surrounding "The Communal Spirit in African Societies".

A native of Kenya, Ochieng’-Odhiambo is Professor of African Philosophic Sagacity at The University of the West Indies.

"One outstanding difference between African and Western cultures is that while the former stresses human community, the latter emphasizes the individual. This difference is what underlies and therefore explains other divergences between these two cultures. For example, it manifests itself in their different ontologies (understanding of reality), different anthropologies (views of man), different psychologies (mental processes), different theories of knowing (how knowledge of reality is obtained), and different axiologies (norms and values). For Africans to be human is to belong to the community, and to do so involves participating in the beliefs, ceremonies, rituals and festivals of that community."

This event is part of LMH's Black Histories and Futures series.