A graduation hat with letters attached which read: Congrats

Congratulations to all our finalists who were awarded degrees this summer, and to those who received prizes:  

Florence Hall won the Wedgewood History Prize for her History Dissertation.

Alex Gresty received the Parker Prize on academic merit in Law.

Shomasree Dhar and Harry Lloyd received the Griffiths prize which is for training in or taking a job with prospects rather than financial return.

Harry Lloyd also won the Jane Day Prize for the highest mark in an Ancient Philosophy collection.

Lydia Stephens, Tilly Alexander and Laura Wilsmore received the Thackeray Prize – an English prize.

Oskar Sherry won three Law prizes including the Gibbs Prize, Wonker Proxime, and the Slaughter and May Prize.

Matthew le Croisette received the Gibbs Prize for Medicine for his excellent performance in the Honour School of Medicine.

Isobel Leach was awarded the Paul McClean Prize for best performance in the Honour School Examination in Modern Languages.

Oliver Croker won the Classics Prize, the Proxime Accessit Gibbs Prize.

Phillippa Matthews was awarded the Gibbs Prize for Experimental Psychology.

The Principal of LMH, Alan Rusbridger, has congratulated all LMH finalists who were awarded degrees this summer, as well as those who received prizes. 

He said: “The students worked exceptionally hard and the LMH community is very proud of them all. Thanks to the tutors and staff who have supported them throughout their time here at LMH.”