Isn't LMH the one that's really far away?

Oxford’s city centre is so compact, anything slightly outside of it is considered a long way away. Just north of the University Parks, LMH is still a very manageable distance away from the heart of the city – on foot, or of course by bike. For those making daily trips to the Science Area, Social Sciences, Engineering, Law and English Faculties, we are actually closer than many more central colleges.

Being that bit further out of town certainly has its perks, too. Our location means we have a lot more space than the average Oxford college, allowing us to have our own sports ground on site; acres of beautiful gardens (which come in handy for events – from the LMH Ball to our annual Summer Party…); and even our own punt house, on our own stretch of the river. All this extra space also means that LMH undergrads are guaranteed three years of accommodation in college – so whilst students from more central colleges have to “live out” at some point during their course, or might be in college-owned buildings which are off the main site, often ending up further out of town, the majority of our student body don’t need to worry about that at all.

Student at LMH
LMH punt
LMH grounds