You don't have to worry about a student loan, paying bills or's a massive weight off my shoulders"

Foundation Year 2016/17 Student

The Foundation Year is free

The Foundation Year is a fully-funded course, meaning that all accommodation and tuition will be paid for by the college. As well as this, each student on the course will also receive a stipend each term, which doesn’t need to be paid back. You do not need to apply for this funding – if you are accepted onto the Foundation Year course then you will automatically receive it.

Lady Margaret Hall cover the cost of accommodation during term time: in some circumstances (e.g. if you are a Care Leaver or estranged from your family) then we will fully fund your accommodation during the holiday period too. 

The funding for the Foundation Year is entirely separate from the financing of your undergraduate degree course. This means that studying on the Foundation Year will not affect your entitlement to a student loan. It also means that you will need to apply for the funding of a subsequent undergraduate degree course in exactly the same way as other undergraduate students (e.g. from Student Finance England or Student Finance Wales). If you are successful on the Foundation Year and progress to Oxford University then you may find that you are eligible for a bursary from the University at undergraduate level, but this cannot be guaranteed and will require a separate financial assessment of your household income.