Support the LMH Boat Club

The LMH Boat Club are seeking to raise £24,500 in order to purchase a new boat and set of oars for W1.

Rowing is an Oxford institution, but it is also one of the more expensive sports to take part in. On top of regular maintenance, competition and kit costs, the 1st boat needs to be replaced every 9 or 10 years to keep the club competitive with other colleges. LMH regularly holds its own or even beats colleges with greater resources through the hard work and dedication of its members. Both 1st boats are on upwards trends towards division 1 in Torpids and Eights. Being able to match the equipment of the top ranked colleges would help us maintain this momentum.

A new boat costs about £30,000, and a new set of blades is £4,500. The Boat Club are trying to raise as much as they can through sponsored bumps, membership subs and merchandise sales, and once they have purchased the new boat they hope to sell the old women’s 1st boat  for around £10,000 to recoup some of what they have just spent.

In the run up to the 2019 Summer VIIIs competition we will be reaching out to alumni and friends of LMH to help the club raise the remaining amount that they need to purchase the new boat in time for the next academic year. If we raise more than our initial target, the club will use the money to support the running costs of the club.

If you are able to help us spread the word of this campaign, or would like to make a gift towards the new boat, please visit the crowdfunding page for this project at the link below, or contact Sarah Jones in the LMH Development Office. 

W1 rowing