We are pleased to host the longest-running academic series on Research in Gender at Oxford. Join us in a tradition of gender research thirty years in the making.

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Seminar Programme for Trinity Term 2019

The following seminars will take place at 2-3.30pm on Thursdays at Lady Margaret Hall.

Conveners: Dr Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi, Sian Crisp and Dr Anne Coles

 2nd May, Talbot Hall: ‘The 40-year history of International Gender Studies, at the University of Oxford '          Dr Shirley Ardener, University of Oxford, Dr Lidia Sciama, University of Oxford and Professor Judith Okely, University of Hull

9th May, Paul Oster Room: ‘There were no women: Oxford’s first female anthropologists' and ‘Living in and out of the Box’  Dr Frances Larson, and Fiona Armitage, Oxford

16th May, Old Library: ‘Australian Aboriginal women’s cultural identity through art and land rights ' and ‘Challenging possession: women & the politics of restitution, the case of Timor’   Wendy Asche, Australia and Dr Phyllis Ferguson, Oxford

 23rd May, Old Library: ‘The challenges of women’s invisible care work: an analysis of new research’, Joint panel IGS and DSA   Dr Tina Wallace, Oxford

30th May, Talbot Hall: ‘Masculinity, modernity, the divine feminine and Others before and after British Rule in Burma/Myanmar’ Dr Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi, University of Oxford

6th June, Paul Oster Room: 'The historicity of food, mood and contested boundaries' (Anthropology Rising Stars Show Case Series) Sabine Parrish and Charlotte Hoskins, ISCA, University of Oxford

13th June, Old Library: Barbara E. Ward Commemorative Lecture

‘Female pioneers of the early 20th-century study of religion: Evelyn Underhill, Margaret Smith & Margaret Brackenbury Crook’ Professor Jane Shaw, Principal Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

20th June, Talbot Hall: ‘Gender, disasters and climate change in Bangladesh’
  Professor Nahid Rezwana, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Book launch 31 January 2019 - Narmala Halstead

IGS Seminar Series for Hilary Term 2019

Convenors: Dr Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi, Dr Angela Raven-Roberts and Dr Paul Woods
Thursdays 2pm – 3:30pm  at Lady Margaret Hall, Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6QA


WEEK 2 Professor Judith Okely, Oxford, Hull, and Dr Lidia Sciama, Oxford
24 January, Talbot Hall: ‘Autobiography within anthropology’ and ‘Midnight thoughts on autobiography’
WEEK 3 Professor Narmala Halstead, Sussex
31 January, Talbot Hall: ‘“Others” and the field: ethics, compassion and violence’
Followed by Book Launch 3.30-4.30pm: Competing Power: Landscapes of Migration, Violence and the State by Narmala Halstead (Berghahn Books)
WEEK 4 Hannah J. Dawson, Anthropology DPhil candidate, Oxford
7 February, The Old Library: ‘Fatherhood, unemployment and the demise of patriarchal authority in South Africa’
WEEK 5 Dr Elizabeth Maber, Cambridge
14 February, The Paul Ostler Room: ‘Gendering violence and shame in Myanmar's education spaces’
WEEK 6 Rachel Dlugatch, Anthropology DPhil candidate, Oxford
21 February, The Old Library: ‘Safe space as subaltern counterpublic: politicizing safety and spatializing freedom at a feminist bookstore and safe space in New York City’
WEEK 7 Usha Reifsnider, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford
28 February, The Old Library: ‘Transcultural insights into the religious practices British Gujarati women’


7 March 2-3.30pm Talbot Hall: “A Life Not Ordinary” documentary screening of tribute to celebrate the life of the late Professor Barbara Harrell-Bond as an academic, activist and founder of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford

Seminar Programme for Michaelmas Term 2018

Vernacularizing ‘Empowerment’ - decentering feminist global discourse

WEEK 1. 11th October

Dr Stephanie Urdang, Independent Scholar and Writer

Mapping My Way Home: Reflections on Writing Feminist History as Memoir

WEEK 2. 18th October

Professor Nina Takashino, Tohoku University, Japan/Visiting Research Fellow at IGS

Women’s Empowerment in Rural Matrilineal Society of Meghalaya, India NOTE change of VENUE: OLD LIBRARY

WEEK 3. 25th October

Dr Nina Ansary, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Women, Peace and Security, LSE

Iranian Women's Empowerment and The Global Fight For Equal Rights

* * *

WEEK 5. 8th November

Dr María G. Navarro, University of Salamanca

Gender and Social Capital in Deliberative Cultures

WEEK 6. 15th November

Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd. Nur, 2002 Goldman Sachs Visiting Research Fellow, IGS, University of Oxford

The Perspective of the Quadruple Helix Model: Establishing a Gender-Based Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

WEEK 7. 22nd November

Zhou Yunyun, University of Oxford

Narrating Funü Ganbu: Discourses, Representations and Subjectivities of Political Women in Post-Socialist China

WEEK 8. 29th November

Catherine Briddick, ODID, University of Oxford

Europe’s commitment to combatting violence against women: rhetoric or reality?

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