A note from the LMH Treasurer

Lady Margaret Hall was an employer with 406 full-pay relevant employees on 5 April 2018. At this date, Lady Margaret Hall had a Mean Gender Pay Gap of 6.4% and a Median Gender Pay Gap of 4.8%. 


  1. Of the 101 employees in the lower quartile, 45 are male and 56 are female. This means 45% are male and 55% are female.
  2. Of the 102 employees in the lower middle quartile, 49 are male and 53 are female. This means 48% are male and 52% are female.
  3. Of the 101 employees in the upper middle quartile, 60 are male and 41 are female. This means 59% are male and 41% are female.
  4. Of the 102 employees in the upper quartile, 54 are male and 48 are female. This means 53% are male and 47% are female.


Lady Margaret Hall takes matters of equality seriously.  The above figures have been reported to and discussed at the College’s Governing Body.  I am authorised as an appropriate person to make the above disclosure on behalf of the College.  I confirm that these figures are accurate in all material respects. 

Andrew Macdonald


This reporting is in accordance with UK Government guidance, which can be viewed here.