As a thriving and imaginative community, and a 24/7/365 campus with almost 500 students and staff members living on site, LMH recognises that the actions and choices of community have a huge impact on the College’s environmental footprint.

LMH’s unique location in 12 acres of gardens and grounds with a beautiful river frontage heightens our sense of the importance of our surroundings and environment.

LMH is committed to working sustainably and embedding sustainable thinking through education. Our Sustainability Policy Framework sets out this dual approach and our priority objectives for tackling our key environmental impacts.

Environmental Sustainability

LMH was one of the first Oxford Colleges to take part in the scheme and the first to achieve the Gold level which we retained for three years. In June 2019 LMH was the first and only College to reach the newly introduced Gold Plus level, which reflects the College’s commitment to maintaining the Gold standard whilst continuing to implement new initiatives and develop collaborative projects with students, staff and the wider community.”

LMH has installed 4 photovoltaic arrays, an array of solar collectors and a significant ground source heat pump system in recent years, helping to directly reduce its residents carbon footprint.

The college has also worked on other initiatives to improve its buildings’ performance such as refurbishing sash windows in its listed buildings, installing a voltage optimiser and motion sensors in communal areas.

Important as these physical improvements are, changing people’s behaviour is often more influential. LMH has worked since 2012 with the British Heart Foundation to re-use or recycle residents waste at the end of the year, diverting more waste from landfill than any other Oxford College in 2016.

Oxfordshire is mainly a rural county and we look to source from good local suppliers of food and drinks where we can.  It doesn’t get any more local than our own gardens, and our kitchen teams use herbs, vegetables and soft fruit, grown by our gardeners when they are in season.


Lady Margaret Hall is an accredited Fairtrade college and is currently re-applying for Fairtrade status. This means that we have made a firm commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade, serving and promoting Fairtrade products in all areas of College wherever possible and raising awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits that it brings to producers in developing countries with students and staff. There are only a handful of Fairtrade Colleges in Oxford and we are working with the University’s students and the students union to encourage more Colleges to consider making the same commitment.

The range of Fairtrade products that we offer are mainly grown in the Equatorial Belt (bananas, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa). In 2011 the College started to stock our first Fairtrade Hoodies and polo shirts for sale to students, parents, customers and alumni. Supporting the Fairtrade Foundation and using Fairtrade products such as chocolate, wine, cotton as well as the products previously mentioned can help to offer more equality of opportunity and fairness to the producers of the goods.

We continue to take steps to promote Fairtrade and add to our range of products as part of our commitment to promote environmental and social responsibility. Below you can find LMH's Fairtrade Policy.

LMH student Fairtrade

Environmental Statement