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Junior Research Associate of International Gender Studies centre (IGS), Lady Margaret Hall

DPhil candidate in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

President, British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies (BPCS) (2017-2018)

Co-founder of public academic projects whatswoman and 见树又见林

IGS Ling Tang


Ling Tang joined the University of Oxford in 2016 as a DPhil student in Oriental Studies (Contemporary Chinese Studies), after finishing her BA and MPhil degrees in Sociology at Hong Kong Baptist University. 

She is in general interested in the gendered and sexualised dynamics in organisations and business in China. While her MPhil thesis targets the white-collar women workers in Shenzhen, her DPhil research focuses on the female-led E-commerce entrepreneurs. 

Ling's MPhil thesis studies the gendered and sexualized guanxi, and critically brings into the discussion the concept of erotic capital. In particular,  the thesis explains the ways women navigate the male-centred guanxi practice in organisations.

Based on a one-year ethnography in Shenzhen and Hefei,  her DPhil thesis aims to: 1) provide a gender reading of E-commerce in China, 2) disclose the heterogeneity of the business guanxi and intimate guanxi of Chinese female entrepreneurs in the digital age; 3) discuss the development of “new China” within the digital age.

Her DPhil is partially funded by Wai Seng Senior Research Scholarship at St Antony's College, IJURR Studentship and St Catherine's College. 

Research interests

The Internet; E-commerce; Erotic Capital; Guanxi; Intimate Labour; Gender and Sexuality in China; Gig economy