The International Gender Studies Centre, formally established in 1983 as Centre for Cross- Cultural Research on Women (one of the leading feminist anthropologists’ seminars of the 1970s in its previous incarnation), was known internationally for its feminist multi/inter-disciplinary approach which concentrated on cross-cultural and comparative analyses of gender issues in mainly, but not exclusively, the developing world. Research undertaken by its members aimed to provide understanding as well as recommendations for effective policies in development. The Centre offered a lively space for intra-University debates, research presentations and mentoring. It served the international community through collaborative research projects and bespoke research fellowships, enabling women academics from diverse parts of the world to take advantage of IGS and University academic and human resources. The measure of its success in facilitating gender-mainstreaming in transformative research, mentoring and publishing came with the decision in 2019 to close the Centre’s doors; with Gender Studies now present in the majority of faculties in the Humanities and in Social Sciences at Oxford, it had (successfully) made itself redundant. Its doors may have closed, but the IGS lives on through it publications and the many women (and a few men) who were able to take advantage of what over a span of richly creative 36 years was to become one of the UK’s few long-serving feminist research centres.

International Gender Studies Centre, 1983-2019