A Study Skills Seminar with author Olav Schewe

Did you know that taking more breaks can sometimes help you learn quicker? Or that you can increase your retention from reading by 30% by doing a few simple things?

In this session with bestselling author Olav Schewe, you will learn some of the most important findings for effective learning, stemming from educational psychology and neuroscience, and how you can apply these insights to your studies at Oxford. 

Olav Schewe is the author of two international bestselling books on effective learning, Super Student and Learn Like a Pro (written together with NY Times bestselling author Dr Barbara Oakley). Currently a DPhil Candidate at Oxford’s Department of Education and a member of the Next Level Lab at Harvard University, Olav focuses on how individuals can use strategies to improve their learning and performance.

This seminar has been organised by LMH's Study Skills Lecturers Dr Thomas Player (Sciences) and Dr Edward Sutcliffe (Humanities and Social Sciences).