Francis Di Traglia

Dr Frank DiTraglia, LMH Fellow and Tutor in Economics, shares his research with the LMH community. This online event is free to attend and there will be opportunity for audience Q and A following the presentation. 

How much is your degree worth? Untangling cause and effect without experiments.

On average, graduates of Oxford Brookes earn about a third less than graduates of the University of Oxford. Would you be earning less today if you had spent three years in Headington rather than Norham Gardens? Like many important questions in social science, this one cannot be studied using a controlled experiment: we would never consider randomly assigning students to universities, and rightly so! Using the returns to university education as a motivating example, this webinar will explore the tools that economists and other social scientists use to untangle cause and effect when controlled experimentation is impractical, impossible, or unethical.