Prof Todd Huffman, LMH Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Professor Todd Huffman, LMH Fellow and Tutor in Physics, will present his research to the LMH community. There will be opportunity for audience Q&A.

Exotics – A Particle Physics Quest: My Own Research by Professor Todd Huffman.

Professor Huffman will begin with an introduction to the Large Hadron collider and that ATLAS experiment but will quickly try to explain the properties of the Higgs boson that was discovered on 4 July 2012 and is now the subject of intense study. His own research is focusing on a search for collisions that produce not merely one, but two of these bosons. Todd will first explain a few reasons why this is interesting, and show some of the preliminary results we have obtained, and also what is the future plan, and why he has chosen this path. 

Todd is hoping to give the audience 'just an idea', a framework, around which you can ask questions about this research, the Higgs boson, Particle physics, how he and his team actually DO some of this work, and really anything related to Physics in any field that’s bothered you lately.