Spooky season is here! The LMH Astronomical Society invites you all to celebrate it with the newest edition of its crown jewel event, Cocktails & Constellations, dressed up for the occasion as an exciting “lunar eclipse edition”. This time, we’ll start off with Prof Huffman’s short talk “Scopes for Dopes”, where we’ll serve drinks (to the first 40 people to arrive) and snacks (to everyone!) while learning the very basics of how a telescope works. The event will then move to the tennis courts to turn the theory into practice and actually observe with a telescope a partial lunar eclipse and other major celestial bodies.

WHEN and WHERE: Saturday 28th of October (end of week 3). The talk will start at 6.15 pm in Talbot Hall and will move outside by 7 pm, when the eclipse will start. This will peak at 9.15pm. This event is subject to weather conditions (but this time if the skies aren’t clear, you can join members of the Astronomical Society for drinks and snacks in Talbot).

Everyone can come, no matter their level of experience. The talk will be aimed at a general audience and indeed our #1 goal as a society is to get people who aren’t that familiar with the sky above LMH to get involved with it.

There's no need to reserve a place, but if you want a free drink make sure you turn up early for the talk.