If Oxford shrugs...

I have been very struck, since arriving at Oxford, at the gulf between the external and internal impressions of the university, particularly in relation to admissions. External: it's stuck-up and unfair. Internal: we're fair and we're doing our best to change.

So - at the invitation of Prospect Magazine - I've done my best to bridge these two views.

When in doubt, report.

So I've done some reporting - speaking to lots of colleagues and delving into the data - and come up with this.

First reactions from senior colleagues in the university have been welcoming: a good piece, with a fair balance between fact and opinion, said one who knows the system inside out. I hope the article addresses some of the misconceptions about Oxford as well as describing some processes which are little understood externally.  It's also clear - if you can make it through to the end - that my personal view is that Oxford needs to change faster.  That is, I think, a commonly held view.  How to change such a complex institution is a less easy task.....

Here is the piece. 

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