To help you select your tutorials, we have provided a list of what is on offer this year. There is also scope for students to specialise in areas of particular interest to them.

The following are first year courses.  Course descriptions can be found in the Theology & Religion Prelims Handbook 2018 from page 19 onwards. 

1101       Introduction to the Study of the Bible

1201       The Figure of Jesus through the Centuries

1301       Religion and Religions

1001       New Testament Greek

1002       Biblical Hebrew

1003       Church Latin

1004       Qur’ānic Arabic

1005       Pali

1006       Sanskrit

The following are second and third year courses.  Course descriptions can be found in the Theology & Religion FHS Handbook 2018 from page 23 onwards. 

1            God and Israel in the Old Testament

2            The Gospels and Jesus, with special reference to the Gospels of Matthew and John

3            Pauline Literature

4            The Development of Doctrine in the Early Church to AD 451

5            God, Christ and Salvation

6            Further Studies in New Testament and Christian Origins

7            The History and Theology of Western Christianity, 1050-1350

8            The History and Theology of Western Christianity, 1500-1648

9a         Christian Life and Thought in Europe and the English-Speaking World, 1789-1921

9b         Issues in Theology, 1789-1921

10         Further Studies in History and Doctrine

11         Philosophy of Religion

12         Christian Moral Reasoning

13         The Nature of Religion

14         The Formation of Rabbinic Judaism (Judaism I)

15         Judaism in History and Society (Judaism II)

16         Islam in the Classical Period (Islam I)

17         Islam in the Modern World (Islam II)

18         Foundations of Buddhism (Buddhism I)

19         Buddhism in Space and Time (Buddhism II)

20         Hinduism I: Sources and Development

21         Hinduism II: Hinduism in History and Society

22         Selected Topics (Old Testament) I:

              (i)                  Prophecy

              (ii)                Apocalyptic

23         Selected Topics (Old Testament) II:

              (i)                  Wisdom

              (ii)                Worship and Liturgy

24         The Hebrew of the Old Testament

25         Archaeology in Relation to the Old Testament

26         Religions and Mythology of the Ancient Near East

27         The New Testament in Greek (Optional Translation Paper)

28         Varieties of Judaism 100 BC-AD 100

29         Christian Liturgy

30         Early Syriac Christianity

31         History and Theology of the Church in the Byzantine Empire from AD 1000 to 1453

32         Science and Religion

33         The Sociology of Religion

34         Mysticism

35         Psychology of Religion

36         English Church and Mission 597-754

A Typical Week

Each week, students studying Theology devote much of their time to essay writing and doing the necessary in-depth reading and thinking in preparation for this. When completed, the essay will be discussed with a Tutor, either in LMH or with an external Tutor at another College. Each week students are also expected to attend the appropriate university lectures and classes recommended by their Tutor; these are often held in the Examination Schools, but may also be in the Theology faculty centre or elsewhere.  

A typical week at Oxford is thus highly intense in its focus on academic work, but our students are well organised and also find time for extra-curricular activities.

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent essays which are relevant to the topics you are interested in pursuing at LMH.

Tutors and lecturers

Prof Jan Westerhoff  is Fellow & Tutor in Theology and Religion