Visiting Students are offered a full range of historical and systematic courses as listed below.

Courses offered

Michaelmas term:
Introductory Logic
Philosophy of Mathematics

Hilary term:
Ancient Philosophy: Plato
Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle
Early Modern Philosophy
Epistemology & Metaphysics
Philosophical Logic

Trinity term:
Philosophy of Logic and Language

Various other sub-disciplines may be offered by request.

For further information on the tutorials offered, please see the First Public Examinations (FPE) and Finals course description pages on the faculty website.

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent essays or test papers relevant to the topics you are interested in pursuing at LMH.

Tutors and lecturers

Dr James Studd is a Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy of Mathematics
Prof Dominic Scott is a Fellow and Tutor in Ancient Philosophy