Visiting Students are offered selected core topics in music history, theory and philosophy, performance and compositional techniques. 

Range of courses


*Tutorials can be offered in any of these topics, in any term and any year.


Philosophy of Music

Musical Thought and Scholarship


Music Theory

Musical Analysis and Criticism



Techniques in Composition

Composition Portfolio



Performance Workshop (any instrument; any period from Baroque to contemporary classical music)


Topics in Music History before 1750

Medieval Motets

Sacred Polyphony in England

The Renaissance Madrigal

Introduction to Seventeenth-Century Opera


Topics in Music History after 1700

Introduction to Eighteenth Century Opera

The String Quartet after Beethoven

Pastoral Idylls: the 19th Century Symphony

Modernism in Vienna, 1900-1935

History of Electronic Music

Experimental Music after 1950

Global Hip-Hop



**These courses are offered through lectures (not tutorials). Courses are offered in different terms every year; and some are offered in alternating years. Subject to availability.

Early Dance Music

Music for the Dead

Leider in Theory and Practice

Music & Society in England, 1851-1914

Brazilian Music

Psychological Perspectives on Performance

Sound Art and Environment

Dance Music

Opera and Music Theatre

The Socio-Cultural Study of Music

Chant and Liturgy

Advice on written work to be submitted

Two pieces of written work should be submitted with your application.  Essay work should be presented to a high standard of literacy and of scholarly quality. Compositional work should be presented to professional standards of musical literacy and high level of technical competence.   


Prof Gascia Ozounian (Fellow and Associate Professor of Music)

Dr Joe Davies (College Lecturer in Music)