We are pleased to offer visiting students tutorials in French and in Spanish.  LMH has been strong in Modern Languages at undergraduate level for a long time.  We have a fine library collection and a record of success both in Modern Languages and in Joint Schools.

Range of courses

For Early Modern literature: one or more tutorials may be offered on drama or narrative fiction; on authors such as Rabelais, Montaigne, Molière, Racine.

For Modern Literature, tutorial topics might include, for the 19th century, The Romantic Roman Personnel; Balzac; Flaubert; Sand; Naturalism (Zola and the Goncourt Brothers); Baudelaire.

For the 20th/21st c., we can offer Duras; Ernaux; Gide; Sartre; the Nouveau Roman, OuLiPo Experimental Writing; Autobiography; Women Writers; Post-Colonial Writing; Gender and Sexuality; Literature and the Holocaust.

Other options proposed by students may be offered in consultation with the French tutor.
Spanish Literature of the 20th century – particularly the poetry of Antonio Machado, Federico Garcia Lorca and other poets of the 1927 group; women’s writing; modernism and avant-garde.
Other options suggested by students will be considered, but will need to be agreed with our Spanish tutors in advance.
If there are any topics which are of particular interest to you which are not listed here, please email the Visiting Student Administrator (visiting.students@lmh.ox.ac.uk) for advice.

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent essays relevant to the topics you are interested in pursuing at LMH.

Tutors and lecturers

French: Dr Marie-Chantal Killeen (Fellow and Tutor in French at LMH)
Spanish: Dr Xon de Ros (Fellow and Tutor in Spanish at LMH)