We have an active economics program at Oxford and LMH. Within the college, we have between 8-12 undergraduates in each year studying economics and generally we try, where possible, to integrate the Visiting Students into the regular undergraduate program. 

The Oxford academic year is split into three terms (Michaelmas term – October to December, Hilary term – January to March, and Trinity term – April to June). Economics courses are taught in particular terms, so Visiting Students must plan their studies around that availability.

We have complied a list of courses in Economics for visiting students; please consult this when completing your application form.  Terms in which courses are available are indicative; there may be changes each year, while it may on occasion be possible to arrange tuition outside the usual schedule.

The availability of minor courses (i.e. four tutorials) in economics is limited. While we will try to arrange a minor in any of the above subjects, we can only currently guarantee availability in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Applied Econometrics.

We shall strive to arrange tuition at an appropriate level for each student. However, most courses have certain prerequisites; where a student does not satisfy the prerequisites for a requested course we shall work with them to determine a mutually acceptable alternative, or recommend a programme that enables them to take appropriate prerequisite courses while in Oxford.

Advice on written work to be submitted

We request that all visiting student applicants who wish to take one or more economics courses complete and submit an open-book exercise. This will primarily enable us to assess whether they have the necessary prerequisites for the courses they have requested, or whether we will have to determine appropriate alternatives. In addition, if you have studied microeconomics and/or macroeconomics at your home institution please provide the titles of the course textbooks for those courses. This again helps us assess the level of your economics education to date.

Tutors and lecturers

Dr Natalie Quinn is the Fellow and Tutor in Economics

Dr Pawel Dziewulski is the Career Development Fellow in Economics

Mr Matthias Qian and Ms Olga Gdula are Stipendiary Lecturers in Economics