We have an active economics program at Oxford and LMH. Within the college, we have between 8-12 undergraduates in each year studying economics. Visiting Students studying Economics are fully integrated into our undergraduate program. 

Our Economics programme for Visiting Students is demanding and will expose students to approaches to the study of Economics that they are unlikely to have encountered before. Most courses are taught through a combination of lectures and tutorials in small groups. Some of the more technical courses are taught through small-group classes instead of tutorials. Students carry out a substantial amount of self-guided study every week to prepare an essay or problem set for each tutorial or class.

Transfer of Credit

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that credit may be transferred to their home institution. We can provide course synopses on request to facilitate this. We cannot, however, make changes to course content.

Course selection

Please read the Economics course information sheet carefully before choosing your tutorial topics.  This contains essential information about course prerequisites, the course structure, and the tutorial requests form.

Economics Open-Book Exercise

All applicants for our Economics programme for Visiting Students must complete and submit the Economics Open-Book Exercise. There is one exercise for those taking Economics as their main subject and a second exercise for those who wish to take options in Economics but who are mainly studying another subject. These can be downloaded via the links below:

Economics exercise 1_main courses

Economics exercise 2_secondary courses

Tutors and lecturers

Dr Natalie Quinn is the Fellow and Tutor in Economics

Dr Pawel Dziewulski is the Career Development Fellow in Economics

Mr Matthias Qian and Ms Olga Gdula are Stipendiary Lecturers in Economics