The thought of Oxford and rowing makes most people think only about the annual Ox-bridge Boat Race. However, rowing is also a huge inter-collegiate sport in Oxford, with over 1000 competitors taking part in Summer Eights in May, and most of the University turning out to watch. LMH has very active men's and women's squads, training and competing throughout the year, which has given the College fantastic results in recent years, including finishing as the best boat club at the final meet of the year with 13 bumps.

We're always looking for people to get involved both as rowers and coxes (the most important person in the boat, though previous experience is not necessary), so if you’ve never done it before, don’t be put off - most people haven’t even touched an oar before they come to Oxford (although we do welcome some experienced rowers each year) . The boat club runs squads that cater for every level - from fast 1st VIIIs to social rowing in the summer. Members of the college have also rowed in various University crews, and competed at Henley Royal Regatta.

In Michaelmas term, novice rowers get trained up for a chance to race against other colleges, whilst the Senior Squads build their fitness for the high adrenaline Bumps Regattas later in the year. Off the water, the Club runs various social events, from Crew Dates and Boat Club cocktails, to Black Tie Regatta dinners. Overall rowing is one of the best ways to get fit, stay fit, make friends and have fun in Oxford.

LMH Boat Club