The Foundation Year is open to students who have experienced barriers in their education due to their socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore, we are only able to accept applications if you:

  • Are studying in a UK state school, and have spent all of your school career at a state school*
  • Are eligible for ‘Home Fee’ status 
  • Meet the socio-economic indicators below OR have been in the Care of the Local Authority for more than six months


*We cannot accept applicants who have studied at a private school, regardless of other socio-economic circumstance. If you have not always been in school due to circumstances beyond your control, you may still be eligible for the course: please email to check.



1) Have attended a state school for your entire school career*

2) Come from a household with a combined income at or below £42,875

3) Belong to socio-economic groups 4-8 (calculated based on parental occupation) OR belong to socio-economic group 3 and have parent(s)/ guardian(s) with no qualification at undergraduate degree level or higher (or equivalent)  - see the application guidebook for more information 

4) Have home student fee status (we cannot accept international students)


1) Have attended a state school for your entire school career

2) Have home student fee status

3) Have been in the care of the local authority for at least 6 months at some point in your life.

Further information on each of these indicators is available in the Application Guidebook, but you can also email for any clarification    

You must also meet the academic entry requirements for your subject. These are typically one grade below the traditional offer from Oxford University (e.g. BBB rather than AAA). Grade requirements for each subject can be found on the subject pages.