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Role: Career Development Fellow


Dr Pawel Dziewulski


I have been a Career Development Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall and Department of Economics since September 2014. I received my bachelors degree from the Warsaw School of Economics and my doctorate from the University of Oxford.

Research interests

My current research focusses mainly on topics in monotone comparative statics and revealed preference analysis. I am also interested in, and have worked on, issues in general equilibrium theory, behavioural economics, and game theory.


I teach tutorials in microeconomics for first and second-year LMH undergraduates. In addition, I teach graduate lectures in Behavioural Economics at Department of Economics.


Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Selected publications

  • Efficiency of competitive equilibria in economies with time-dependend preferences, “Journal of Economic Theory”, 159, pp 311-325 (2015).
  • Differential information in large games with strategic complementarities, "Economic Theory", 59(1), pp 201-243 (2015) [joint with Lukasz Balbus, Kevin Reffett, and Lukasz Wozny]