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Research Associate, IGS at LMH and the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (ISCA)

Research Fellow, Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group (FRSG)

Lecturer in Human Sciences, Wadham College and St Catherine's College, University of Oxford

Konstantina Isidoros


Dr Isidoros is a social anthropologist specialising in the western Sahara Desert, North Africa and the Middle East (MENA region). Her research interests are in the specialised human endeavour of occupation, migration, survival and adaptation in arid zones in the areas of kinship, evolutionary theory, state formation and identity.

Research interests

MENA region; Gender Studies & Masculinities; War; Refugee Studies; International Law


Tutor in Anthropology for Archaeology & Anthropology, Human Sciences and Egyptology

Selected publications

Inhorn, M.C. and Isidoros, K. 2017/8 (eds., accepted). 'Introduction – Arab Masculinities: Anthropological Reconceptions.' Men and Masculinities, Special Issue.
Isidoros, K. 2017 (forthcoming). ‘Replenishing milk sons: Changing kinship practices among the Sahrawi, North Africa.’ Journal of the Anthropology of Middle East, 12 (2), Winter: 8-27.
—2017 (forthcoming December) Nomads and Nation Building in the Western Sahara: Women, Politics and the Sahrawi. London: I.B.Tauris.
—2017 ‘Arab Masculinities: Anthropological Reconceptions: Report on the Wenner-Gren Foundation Workshop at the University of Oxford, March 2017.’ Journal of the Anthropology of Middle East, 12 (1): 142-144.
—2017. ‘Unveiling the colonial gaze: Sahrawi women in nascent nation-state formation in the Western Sahara.’ Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 19 (4): 487-506.
—2017. ‘The view from Tindouf: Western Saharan women and the calculation of autochthony.’ In R. Ojeda-García, V. Veguilla and I. Fernández-Molina (eds) Global, regional and local dimensions of Western Sahara’s protracted decolonization: When a conflict gets old. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
—2015. ‘The silencing of unifying tribes: The colonial construction of tribe and its ‘extraordinary leap’ to nascent nation-state formation in Western Sahara.’ Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford. New Series VII (2): 168-190.
—2015. ‘Between purity and danger: Fieldwork approaches to movement, protection and legitimacy for a female ethnographer in the Sahara Desert.’ Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford. New Series. VII (1):39-54. Special Issue on Sexual Danger in the Field.