Honorary Associates and Affiliate Members

Independent scholars or academics affiliated to universities in the UK or abroad, sharing the ideals and values of IGS and contributing to IGS intellectual culture and academic activities in mutually beneficial ways.

Honorary Associates (persons of standing in society which facilitates IGS development, whether with networking or fundraising)

IGS Affiliate Member (friends we call on more often to advise and support in often practical ways)

Honorary Associates

Shirley Ardener - Founding Director, (Former) Research Associate IGS at LMH; Honorary Life Member of Ass. of Social Anthropologists of the UK and the Commonwealth   

Email: shirley.ardener@anthro.ox.ac.uk


Julia Knight - (Former) Head of Administration, ODID

Email: julia.knight@qeh.ox.ac.uk


Veronica Warner

Email: veronica.warner@btinternet.com

Shirley Ardener, OBE

Email: shirley.ardener@anthro.ox.ac.uk

Role: Founding  Director, former Research Associate IGS at LMH; Honorary Life Member of Ass. of Social Anthropologists of the UK and the Commonwealth   

Biography: Shirley Ardener spent many years conducting fieldwork first in Nigeria and longer in Cameroon, some jointly with her husband. She remains in contact with the National Anglophone Archives office which she and Edwin initiated, and with the University of Buea.  In 1972 she helped establish the seminar in Gender in the University of Oxford which still flourishes at Lady Margaret Hall under the auspices of the IGS, of which Ardener was the Founding Director. For 26 years she co-convened a seminar on Ethnicity and Identity at Oxford's Inst. of Social and Cultural Anthropology.  She is an editor for 3 book series for Berghahn Books.

Biographical assessments of Ardener and publications list can be found in festchrift, Identity and Networks; Fashioning Gender and Ethnicity Across Cultures, eds. D. Bryceson, J. Okely, J. Webber, Berghahn Books 2007

Research interests:Cameroon Studies; social anthropology in general; women's savings and  credit associations; the use of the body and nudity and vulgarity in women's protest movements; single women.

Selected publications: Eye-Witnesses to the Annexation of Cameroon 1883-1887. Buea: Cameroon Government Press, 1968.

Defining Females: the nature of women in society (ed., including Introductory Essay). London: Croom Helm, 1981; New York: St. Martin's Press; second edition Berg 1993.

Women and Space; ground rules and social maps, (including introductory essay), London: Croom Helm, 1981, second edition Berg 1993.

The Incorporated Wife, (co-ed., with Hilary Callan).  London: Croom Helm, 1984.

Persons and Powers of Women in Diverse Cultures (ed.) Oxford, England, and New York, USA: Berg Publications 1992.

Bilingual Women; anthropological approaches to second language use, (co-ed. with P. Burton and K.K. Dyson), Berg 1994.

Money-Go-Rounds; Women's Use of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (co-ed. with S. Burman; includes Introductory Essay) Berg 1995.

Swedish Ventures in Cameroon, 1883-1923; Trade and Travel, People and Politics (ed. with commentaries) Berghahn Books, 2002.

Changing Sex and Bending Gender, (co-ed. with A. Shaw, includes), Berghahn Books, 2005.

War and Women across Continents; Biographical and Autobiographical Experiences, (co-ed. with F. Armitage and L. Sciama; includes Introductory Essay), Berghahn Books, 2017.

For a full list see Identity and Networks; Fashioning Gender and Ethnicity Across Cultures,  Bryceson, Webber and Okely, 2007.

Affiliate Members

Dr Anna Piela - Visiting Scholar at WGSS at Northeastern in Boston

Email: annapiela@gmail.com

Blog: https://annamagdalenapiela.wordpress.com/.

Current research: "Managing spoiled identity: The case of Polish female converts to Islam" 2018-2020 (NCN-funded project)


Dr Basma Al-Mutlaq - Central Economic Forum, Independent Scholar

Email: almutlaq@aol.com


Professor Allaine Cerwonka - Research and Development, Alan Turing Institute, London

Email: cerwonkaa@gmail.com

Profile: www.uel.ac.uk/lss/staff/acerwonka/


Professor Wendy M. Cumming-Potvin (PhD)- Co-editor: Upcoming Special Edition, Gender and Education;Senior Fellow MU LEAD Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning ; School of Education, Murdoch University, WA. Australia

Email: W.Cumming-Potvin@murdoch.edu.au

Profile: http://profiles.murdoch.edu.au/myprofile/wendy-cumming-potvin/


Dr Tobe Levin - Associate of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University, and Founder of UnCut/Voices Press

Email: tobe.levin@uncutvoices

Profile: https://uncutvoices.wordpress.com/


Dr Jule Goikoetxea - Associate Professor, University of the Basque Country, Department of Political Sciences and Research Fellowship for St. Antony's College

Email: jule.goikoetxea@ehu.es

Profile: http://www.ehu.eus/es/web/cpa/juleren-web-orria


Professor Allyson Jule - Professor of Education, Co-Director of the Gender Studies Institute, Trinity Western University

Email: allyson.jule@twu.ca

Profile: http://www.twu.ca/profile/allyson-jule


Professor Fiona Moore - Chair of Business Anthropology, Royal Holloway, University of London

E-mail: fiona.moore@rhul.ac.uk

Profile: www.fiona-moore.com


Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh - Reader in Human Geography and Co-Director of the Migration Research Unit; Coordinator of UCL's Refuge in a Moving World Research Network

Email: e.fiddian-qasmiyeh@ucl.ac.uk

Profile: www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/about-the-department/people/academic-staff/elena-fiddian-qasmiyeh


Roberta Staples - (Former) LMH Librarian

Email: roberta.staples@lmh.ox.ac.uk


Dr Jacqueline Dee Waldren - Director, Deya Archaelogical & Anthropological Museum and Research Center Deia, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Email: jacqueline.waldren@anthro.ox.ac.uk

Profile: www.anthro.ox.ac.uk/about-us/affiliates-emeriti-research-fellows/dr-jacqueline-waldren/


Dr Caroline Sweetman - Editor of the international journal Gender & Development

Profile: http://policy-practice.oxfam.org.uk/our-people/programme-policy/caroline-sweetman


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