Why IGS needs your support

Donations made to IGS support the everyday running costs of the Centre and enable us to plan for the long-term continuation of Gender-centred research at the University of Oxford.

We use your donations to help fund the core administrative expenses of running our regular Term-time seminar series, enable us to support the annual Commemorative Lecture as well as allow us to run an array of conferences, workshops and events that focus on the global study of gender from a multiplicity of disciplinary angles.

On our donation page, you can designate what part of our activities you would like your funds to support. We would encourage you to personalize your giving to match your own interests.

We are also deeply grateful for legacies, given in the spirit of ensuring the study of gender for the next many generations. Please contact us at igs.admin @ lmh.ox.ac.uk to discuss including IGS in your will.

Please consider how you might support IGS and contact us at IGS for any further information.

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All other queries: Carol Harknett: igs.admin@lmh.ox.ac.uk

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