Our Aims

Through our research, we seek to interrogate overt and covert changes and continuities in female and male interactions in the domestic and public spheres. This includes researching the role of economic, religious and political institutions in legitimizing and institutionalizing gender disparities, or transforming them for the benefit of society.


Through our research and fellowship programs, we strive to

  • document the gendered effects of changing systems and ideologies globally
  • contextualize findings within cultural settings, tracing their historical origins and evolution
  • analyse the implications for agency, choice and well-being
  • advise on gendered implications of public policy reflecting the interaction between global and state agendas


We avail ourselves of the rich resources at the University of Oxford to

  • teach and mentor young women and men and strengthen our traditional role of providing a congenial environment for research, learning, exchange of ideas and scholarship
  • continue to develop the Visiting Research Fellowship programme as an opportunity for young scholars at the beginning of their academic career and for senior academics to share their work with a community of like-minded scholars


Through our seminars and workshops, we strive to

  • create an intellectually stimulating space in which scholars at all stages of their careers present cutting-edge theoretical advances and fieldwork findings
  • offer a site for intellectual exchange and debate in an atmosphere of generous support and critical engagement


Through publications, we strive to

  • disseminate knowledge generated from personal research and seminars and workshops organized at the IGS Centre

Contact Us

Academic queries: Dr Maria Jaschok, Director: maria.jaschok@lmh.ox.ac.uk 

All other queries: Carol Harknett: igs.admin@lmh.ox.ac.uk

Office hours: Mon. -Thu., 9:00am-5:00pm

Tel: +44(0) 1865 274281                                           

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