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The next annual Heron-Allen lecture takes place in the Simpkins Lee Theatre at LMH on Friday 2nd March 2018, 5.45 pm to 7.00 pm.

Our guest speaker will be wildlife biologist Professor John Vucetich, Professor of population ecology at the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences at Michigan Technological University and an affiliate of Oxford’s WildCRU and Martin School.

Academic siloing has created a community of conservation professionals unable to adequately handle ethical concepts that routinely arise in conservation. This is especially troubling because conservation is – at its core – ethics in action. Professor Vucetich is a carnivore ecologist and conservation ethicist. He also leads research on the wolves and moose of Isle Royale, the longest study of any predator-prey system in the world.

The event is free of charge and guests are welcome. A drinks reception will follow in the Monson Room. Places can be booked online via Eventbrite.