We are delighted to welcome back alumni who matriculated in 2010 for a reunion event, including a drinks reception and dinner.

This event also recognises that holders of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees who matriculated in 2010 are now entitled to be admitted to the degree of Master of the Arts. LMH will be hosting an informal ceremony to present graduands for their MA and award them their certificates.

Those who took undergraduate Masters (MChem, MPhys, MEng etc) are unfortunately not entitled to the MA, but are of course very welcome to join the graduands for this the first reunion event for the year group.

The whole event is £72.50, of which the MA certificate is £40.00 (a cost dictated to the college by the University Degree Conferrals Office). If you do not wish to take the MA, attendance at the reunion dinner is £32.50 per person. You are most welcome to bring a guest.

To register you will need to indicate separately whether you wish to take your MA as well as attend the event. We will then send you the requisite form for the MA.

If you wish to take your MA, please register before Monday 26th February 2018.

If you would like to take your MA and receive your certificate but you are unable to attend our event on 12th May, please email us at graduation@lmh.ox.ac.uk - you don't need to book online.