Can I stay at LMH?

You can book either a twin or double en-suite SCR guest room in Eleanor Lodge, subject to availability. To confirm availability and to book a guest room, please contact the Conference Office, letting them know that you are a former student. Single occupancy per night costs £46.38 and double occupancy costs £69.54. The charges for 2016/17 and are inclusive of VAT and include breakfast in the Dining Hall. Telephone + 44 (0)1865 274320 or email

Bedroom in Eleanor Lodge, LMH
LMH formal dinner
Can I dine in Hall?

You are welcome to dine at High Table at a Guest Night once in each term. You may also bring a guest. Each Tuesday in term is alternately a Guest Night (three courses) or a special Guest Night (four courses plus dessert), as is each Friday. A list of Guest Nights and Special Guest Nights are available on the LMH website. The charge for a Guest Night dinner costs £23.84 per person, Special Guest Night £24.85 per person and Dessert £4.61 per person. These are the charges for 2016/17 and are inclusive of VAT. You will be invoiced for the exact amount after the event. If you would like to book, please contact the Development Office, with at least one week’s notice, on 01865 274362 or email The Development Director will act as your SCR host, or arrange an appropriate alternative host.

Can I book a private function at LMH?

If you would like to hire one of our function rooms for a private event, such as a dinner, party or business event, please contact the Conference Office for more information. Telephone + 44 (0)1865 274320 or email

Meeting room at LMH
LMH Chapel
Can I get married at LMH?

Past and present members of the LMH community are welcome to enquire about the possibility of having their wedding service in the Chapel. Depending on the Chaplain’s schedule and other events taking place in college, the Chapel is available during most of the year for this purpose, with the exception of the late summer and Christmas season. There are a number of legal formalities to address before any firm arrangements can be made for the wedding itself. It is advisable to start the planning process between nine and twelve months in advance of the proposed date of the service. For further information, please contact the Chaplain at

Can I use LMH’s library?

Space and resources in the college’s library are at a premium during term time, so unfortunately it is not practical to offer desk space or access to the library to our alumni during term, except to consult specific items not held by the central Bodleian Libraries. Alumni are welcome to contact the Librarian at to ask to use the library during vacations, whilst the library is staffed. You can apply for free admission to the Bodleian Libraries by going to You can also get access to a wide range of journals online by going to

LMH Library (photo credit: Ben Robinson)
punt at LMH
How can I book a punt?

LMH punts can be booked by alumni in the summer (May to August) via the LMH Porters' Lodge, 01865 274 300. The deposit is £20.00, and the charge is £5.00 per hour thereafter (maximum of three hours). All payments must be made in cash. Punts are always in high demand in the summer months, so it is important not to be late for your allotted slot. The Porters are unable to take payments for the deposit over the phone, but will reserve a punt if alumni leave them with their mobile number.