Philip Hensher, who was an undergraduate at LMH before becoming a distinguished author, wrote the following observation on Facebook, reproduced here with his permission"

"What a great idea. When I was an undergraduate at LMH some of the encounters that meant most to me were passing encounters with visiting speakers who came out for dinner with the Beaufort Society (the literary society of the mid-80s). If you'd grown up in a provincial industrial city and gone to a comprehensive, there was no particular reason why you'd ever have met a creative figure. It was wonderful to spend even an evening with someone like Adam Mars-Jones or Kazuo Ishiguro or Elizabeth Jennings. To have these people in LMH as regular presences for undergraduates to talk to and engage is going to transform lives. I'm thrilled to see LMH innovating like this."

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Both the 11 visiting fellows and the film are great ideas. College really isn't far from anywhere, but there is a perception it is. Hope it goes down well.

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