I am not sure I understand rowing yet, but LMH had three teams out on the river at the weekend taking part in something called Torpids. I think this involves trying to steer your boat into the back of someone else's craft. And to avoid any other team whacking your boat while your concentration is elsewhere. A Facebook comment described it as dodgems on water. I'm sorry to sound so vague, but nearly all the action happens round a bend in the river, invisible to the eye. There is a commentator of sorts but he's no David Coleman. So it's pretty difficult to have any clue what's happening at all until the boats arrive back on dry land and the crews look cheerful or, er, not.

How did LMH fare? Well, the men's second boat apparently managed to wham Worcester III in short order, which is good. Our women's team seem to have put up a gallant fight but took something of a scenic route (I am paraphrasing) that involved one or two unscheduled detours from the planned course. The OURC (Oxford Rowing Club) twitter feed used the words "so much carnage" and the hashtag #worstdayever to describe whatever was going on round the bend. But the team looked cheerful enough when they eventually made it back to the clubhouse and the boat was still intact. As for the men's first team, they put up a good chase of St Anne's only to be rammed by Mansfield. I think.

Anyway, it's the taking part that counts. No?


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