Today we’re also launching a little film to show prospective students what LMH is like. When I arrived last term I sat down one–on-one with every single new undergraduate, visiting student  and graduate – about 240 in all – and asked each one how they knew of LMH.
Some had done extensive research on us and were attracted by some aspect of our culture or history. But a sizeable number had ended up here by chance and had known little about who we were, what made us tick – or even where we were. Once they arrived, nearly all of them said, they found the surroundings to be glorious and the atmosphere to be incredibly welcoming. But to most of the world LMH has remained a slightly hidden gem.
How to show people the true LMH? Well, would-be students are nearly all of a generation to which images and video are second nature – the “pics or it didn’t happen” era. So I asked my old colleague and fried Graeme Robertson to bring his drone down to Oxford for the day. You can’t really get a sense of where LMH is, nor its 11 acres of gardens, without seeing it all from the air. Graeme was about to solve that.
He had spent a year getting a pilot’s licence to fly his DJ1 Inspire drone and arrived one autumnal day to send it high over LMH’s warm red brick-and-stone buildings and out into the neighbouring University parks and back. The drone swept over our football pitch and gardens down to the river. At last we had a vivid way of showing outsiders what insiders know: that LMH is a place of extraordinary beauty… and is no more than a three minute cycle or 10 minute walk from most of the places any student is likely to want to visit or study.
That was the start. Then we asked the wonderful award-winning photographer Sarah Lee to spend some time capturing the feel and life of the college in stills. And finally we asked a wonderful video journalist, Laurence Topham, to edit it all into a crisp little video that gives a short sharp taste of LMH.
It is, of course, only a glimpse. Recently I’ve been filming interviews with several tutors and graduates about the college’s scholarship and research – another aspect of Oxford life which can also remain hidden and poorly understood. Soon, we’ll start posting those films. In time, I hope the website will be a kaleidoscope of insights into what makes LMH such a vibrant and eclectic place of research and teaching.

Submitted by Joy Hendry (not verified) on Wed, 01/03/2017 - 13:56

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Great! I love it! I chose LMH because I liked it, but this film picks out most of the things I liked!

Submitted by Sandra Evans (not verified) on Wed, 01/03/2017 - 13:57

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Fantastic video. Shows spirit of the college. Daughter applied to LMH due to friendliness and inclusive atmosphere shown on open day by students. She has been given conditional offer for autumn 2016. Fingers crossed.

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