Prof Brian Bell


BA Newc, MPhil DPhil Oxf




Fellow and Tutor; Associate Professor of Economics

Where I can usually be found:

Deneke Central 59

Contact number:

01865 274390

I joined LMH in October 2012 as Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Economics. I completed my DPhil in 1996 but have spent most of my career outside of academia. I worked as an Economist and Proprietary Trader for a number of Hedge Funds and Investment Banks in London and also spent time at the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England. I resumed my academic career in 2009 at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE, where I remain a Research Associate.

I teach macroeconomics for LMH undergraduates (both PPE and E&M) in all three years and also do some tutorials in Quantitative Economics and Labour Economics. For the University I give undergraduate lectures in Quantitative Economics and am in charge of the Labour Economics option. In addition I supervise M.Phil and D.Phil theses in Applied Labour Economics.

Research interests:

My main research interests fall in two areas. First, I work on issues related to wages and inequality. This includes work on the pay of CEOs and evidence on the link between such pay and firm performance and the role of the financial sector in increasing income disparities. Second, I do work on the economics of crime looking at, inter alia, evidence on the links between immigration and crime and the impact of unemployment when leaving school on subsequent criminal behaviour.

Public Policy Interests
I am a member of the Police and National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body. We provide advice to the Home Secretary on the pay and conditions of police officers in England and Wales and officers of the National Crime Agency. Further information (and a full list of academic publications) can be found on my webpage.

Selected publications:

  • Bell, B., Fasani, F., and Machin, S. (2013) “Crime and Immigration: Evidence from Large Immigrant Waves”, Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming
  • Bell, B., and Machin, S. (2013) “Immigrant Enclaves and Crime”, Journal of Regional Science, forthcoming
  • Bell, B., and Machin, S. (2013) “What do we know about Crime and Immigration?”, in Lessons from the Economics of Crime: What works in Reducing Offending?, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, forthcoming