Dr Marie-Chantal Killeen


BA MA Ottawa, MA Oxf, MA PhD Brown




Eve Dawnay Fellow and Tutor; CUF Lecturer

Where I can usually be found:

4 Fyfield Road, ground floor, room 1

Contact number:

01865 274285

Marie-Chantal Killeen came to LMH in 2004 after a three-year joint lectureship at New College and in the Faculty of Modern Languages.

Research interests:

Dr Killeen's main research interests are in the fields of post-war fiction (including in particular the works of Marguerite Duras), autobiography and literary theory. She is the author of Essai sur l’indicible: Jabès, Duras, Blanchot (Presses universitaires de Vincennes, 2004) and En souffrance d'un corps: Essais sur la voix désincarnée (Editions Nota Bene, 2013), which focuses on the disembodied voice in French novels, films and theory since 1980. She is currently working on 20th- and 21st-century robinsonnades, a literary genre inspired by the Defoe novel Robinson Crusoe that it aims to challenge and reinvent.

You can also read about Dr Killeen's work on her departmental page

Selected publications:

  • En souffrance d’un corps. Essais sur la voix désincarnée, Québec: Editions Nota Bene, 2013
  • Essai sur l'indicible. Jabès, Duras, Blanchot, L'imaginaire du texte, Paris: Presses universitaires de Vincennes, 2004
  • ‘Autoportrait de l’homme aux mille voix (Voix off de Podalydès)’, Revue critique de fixxion française contemporaine, 2012
  • ‘Fiabilité ou fidélité : Le problème de la narration dans Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein’, Littérature, no 162, June 2011, pp. 69-82.
  • ‘Romain Gary et Pseudo: l'art de la ventriloquie’, Romanic Review, NYC: Columbia University, 2009
  • ‘Un narrateur sans organes. Esquisse pour une problématisation de la voix-off dans Léolo’, Archives canadiennes, Tome XIII, Spring 2006
  • ‘Pour une lecture girardienne des Bonnes de Genet’, French Studies, Spring 2004
  • ‘Etude de la glose dans Gros-Câlin, ou le devenir-python chez Gary-Ajar’, Dalhousie French Studies, Summer 2001