Prof Christine Gerrard


MA DPhil Oxf




Professor of English Literature, Barbara Scott Fellow and Tutor in English

Where I can usually be found:

Old Old Hall, Room 6

Contact number:

01865 274289

Professor Gerrard attended a large comprehensive school in north London before coming to Oxford as an undergraduate. After graduating she spent time in Philadelphia as a Thouron scholar, completing an MA in American literature, before returning to Oxford for her doctorate. She has been a tutor at LMH for fifteen years: before that she was a Junior Research Fellow at Exeter College in Oxford.

She is also a founder editor of The English Review, a magazine designed for students studying English at AS and A2 levels.

Research interests:

Professor Gerrard teaches and lectures on English literature in the period 1500-1780 and also has a special interest in the joint degree of Classics and English. Her main fields of research are political writing of the period 1660-1760, and eighteenth century poetry, particularly women’s poetry. She is currently researching and writing a book on literature in the reign of George I (1714-1727).

Selected publications:

  • The Patriot Opposition to Walpole, 1725-1742 (OUP, 1994)
  • Aaron Hill: The Muses' Projector, 1685-1750 (OUP, 2003)
  • Eighteenth Century Poetry: An Annotated Anthology (with David Fairer, Blackwell, 1999, 2nd edition, 2004)
  • A Companion to Eighteenth Century Poetry (Blackwell, 2006)
  • The Complete Correspondence of Samuel Richardson, vols. 1-2 (CUP, 2009)