Prof Michael Broers


MA St And, MA DPhil Oxf, FRHistS


Modern History


Fellow and Tutor; CUF Lecturer; Professor of Western European History

Where I can usually be found:

Talbot 70

Contact number:

01865 274342

Professor Broers' major research interests are in Italian and French history in the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly the Napoleonic period. He is interested in the application of theories of cultural imperialism to European contexts in the Revolutionary-Napoleonic period, and in the relationship of regionalism and popular Catholicism to modern state-building.

Professor Broers was Leverhulme Research Fellow for academic years 2011-2013.

You can find more about Professor Broers from the History Faculty website. You can listen to Professor Broers' talk on the French Revolution's reign of terror on BBC iPlayer.

Selected publications:

  • Europe Under Napoleon, 1799-1815. (London and New York, 1996)
  • Europe After Napoleon, 1814-1848. Revolution, reaction and romanticism. (Manchseter, 1996)
  • Napoleonic Imperialism and the Savoyard Monarchy, 1776-1821. State building in Piedmont.. (Lampeter, 1997)
  • 'Cultural Imperialism in a European context? Political culture and cultural politics in Napoleonic Italy.', Past & Present. Vol 170 (2001) pp. 152-180
  • 'Napoleon, Charlemagne and Lotharingia: Acculturation and the Boundaries of Napoleonic Europe.', The Historical Journal. Vol 44 (2001) pp. 135-154
  • 'Noble Romans & Regenerated Citizens: The Morality of Conscription in Napoleonic Italy, 1800-1814.', War In History. Vol 8 (2001) pp. 251-270
  • The Politics of Religion in Napoleonic Italy. The War Against God 1801-1814. (London and New York, 2002) 238pp.
  • 'The Myth and Reality of Italian Regionalism. A Historical Geography of Napoleonic Italy, 1801-1814.', The American Historical Review. Vol 108(3) (2003) pp. 688-709
  • The Napoleonic Empire in Italy, 1796-1814. Cultural Imperialism in a European context?. (Basingstoke, 2005. Grand Prix NapolĂ©on prize, 2006) 368pp.
  • Napoleon's Other War. Bandits, Rebels and their Pursuers in the Age of Revolutions. (Oxford, 2010) 232pp.