ICT facilities

Excellent ICT facilities are essential for a 21st century university education. Tutors, College staff, and University departments use email as the main form of communication.


Each student is allocated an email address when they become a member of the College. Every room in LMH has an Ethernet point giving access to an extremely fast internet connection. In addition, many parts of the College have wireless ethernet access, and the library has multiple Ethernet points . Read more on how to connect to the internet from within the college.


There is a computer room in the Library for all students to use, with Windows 7 PCs, black and white printers, and a colour printer/photocopier. You will have a generous printing allowance each year. MCR members also have a computer room in Old Old Hall. 


The college ICT department is open Monday to Friday to provide assistance with using the college ICT facilities, connecting to the college network, and general advice on ICT matters. We can also provide help and advice to students for their own personal computer equipment and software.