Visiting Students

At LMH we pride ourselves on a Visiting Student Programme that provides American junior year students with an educational experience comparable to that of full-time Oxford University undergraduates.

Visiting Students live in College with other undergraduates and have the opportunity to take advantage of all College and University resources. Each Visiting Student is assigned a Personal Tutor in his or her subject area, who is located at LMH and helps the student to organise a programme of study. Like other Oxford undergraduates, Visiting Students are taught in tutorials or small groups by Oxford Tutors.

The Visiting Student Programme at LMH began in 2001-2002, initially with just 12 students. We now welcome 25 American students each year, the majority of whom are on a full-year programme.

Students apply to the Programme either through their home institution or through one of our partner agencies or university consortiums. We accept applications from American students entering their junior year, who have excellent academic record and demonstrate motivation and maturity to thrive in an intensive overseas academic programme. 

    Visiting Students Welcome Party                              David talks about his LMH experience
     January 2013

LMH Visiting Students enjoying Thanksgiving!
(Photograph: Blake Li)