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The best way to determine whether you should apply to LMH is to visit the College and see for yourself. Our open days provide you with the opportunity to meet current students who will give you a tour of the College. You will also be able to talk to some of our Tutors and Lecturers about their courses and to talk to the Tutor for Admissions, Student Finance Officer and Domestic Bursar about other issues.


LMH is delighted to once again be helping to host the fantastic UNIQ summer schools. These are a truly exceptional opportunity for prospective applicants to get a proper idea of what it would be like to study at Oxford. UNIQ is highly recommended by past applicants.


I really enjoyed my experience at UNIQ. It was incredibly useful as both an academic and mental preparation for the Oxford interview. It was also a great social experience, and knowing people already when I came to my interview helped with my nerves immensely.




Going on the UNIQ summer school was a really enjoyable experience and a massive influence on my decision to apply to Oxford and to LMH. Being able to see first-hand what life is like in Oxford and meet normal people in the same situation as me helped to dispel the misconceptions I had about the university. Ultimately it showed me that Oxford is a place that I'd be happy to spend the next 4 years!


To find out more and to apply, just visit the UNIQ website.

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