Fairtrade College

Lady Margaret Hall is an accredited Fairtrade College.

This means that we have made a firm commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade, serving and promoting Fairtrade products in all areas of College wherever possible and raising awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits that it brings to producers in developing countries with students and staff.

The range of Fairtrade products that we offer are mainly grown in the Equatorial Belt (sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa). In 2011 the College started to stock our first Fairtrade Hoodies and polo shirts for sale to students, parents, customers and alumni. Supporting the Fairtrade Foundation and using Fairtrade products can help to offer more equality of opportunity and fairness to the producers of the goods.

We continue to take steps to promote Fairtrade and add to our range of products as part of our commitment to promote environmental and social responsibility.

The following Fairtrade food products are currently available at LMH:

Caf├ędirect String & Tag Tea
Caf├ędirect Classics Decaffeinated Coffee
Tate and Lyle Granulated Sugar
Divine Fairtrade Chocolate – white, plain and milk
Fairtrade bananas (on sale each day)
Fairtrade rice (on some days)
Available in Hall
Fairtrade coffee and chocolate (Kit Kat) Available in the vending machines
Fairtrade Instant Coffee Available in the JCR shop
Fairtrade tea and coffee Available in the MCR
Ochre Mountain Fairtrade Wine Available in the bar
Fairtrade tea, coffee (including decaf) and sugar Served at meetings