History of Lady Margaret Hall


LMH was founded in 1878 to change Oxford University and to change the world as it was then.

LMH made it possible for the first time for women to study at Oxford, with all that meant both for intellectual development and for access to new career opportunities.

LMH is named in honour of Lady Margaret Beaufort, founder of the Tudor dynasty and renowned patron of scholarship and learning.  Our founder Edward Talbot and his companions in the great enterprise of LMH were inspired by a passion for learning and for equality.  This was the vision that brought LMH into being and has sustained it ever since.




1879 First nine students
1889 First residential tutor
1900 53 students
1881 New Old Hall
         Basil Champneys
1896 Wordsworth
         Reginald Blomfield

1913 College Incorporated; 67
1920 Women admitted to
         degrees of the University
         of Oxford
1910 Talbot
         Reginald Blomfield
1915 Toynbee
         Reginald Blomfield 

Scientific and Medical studies developed; First graduate students at LMH 
1926 LMH received Royal
1928 Golden Jubilee celebrated 
1940 160 Undergraduates,
         11 Graduates
1926 Eleanor Lodge 
         Reginald Blomfield
1932 Deneke
         Giles Gilbert-Scott 
1933 Chapel
         Giles Gilbert-Scott
1953 Governing Body replaced
         Council; Statutes
1959 LMH became full College
         of the University of Oxford
1970 296 Undergraduates,
         64 Graduates
1961 Lynda Grier (including the
         new Library)
         Raymond Erith
         opened by
         HM Queen Elizabeth II
1966 Wolfson North and
          Wolfson West
          Raymond Erith
 Sally Chilver
1977-78 Decision taken to
         admit men
1978 Centenary celebrated
1972 Lucy Sutherland 
         Lyster, Grillet & Harding
Kathleen Lea
         Lyster, Grillet & Harding

1979 First men admitted to LMH
1980 342 Undergraduates,
         77 Graduates
1987 Science Library created
1995 Half of Deneke Roof
         Space converted into
         student rooms
 Brian Fall
1998 Introduction of fees
         for UK and EU
2000 400 Undergraduates,
         120 Graduates
2000 Second half of Deneke
         Roof Space converted into
         student rooms

2003-04 125th Anniversary
2009 400 Undergraduates,
          180 Graduates
2010 LMH registered as a
         Charity with the
         Charity Commission
2006 Library extended and
         new Law Library created
2010 Pipe Partridge
         John Simpson
 Alan  Rusbridger
2015 to  present 

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